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 Tropical TLC beach theme store about page

I have always loved the beach and the ocean. 
Growing up, I was so fortunate to have access to the family cottage on the beach in Maine. It has been in our family since 1917 and it's one of a handful of original cottages on York Beach. I spent many weeks of my childhood summers there with my grandmother and tons of extended family.   
To this day, it is truly my "happy place".  It kept me going through 9 months of breast cancer treatment and I'm thrilled to still be cancer free, living life to the fullest and living for my next tropical vacation.  There's just nothing like being at the beach, whether it's in Maine or the warm tropics.  The beach is my therapy and makes my soul happy.
I grew up in Maine but I was actually born in Florida.  I think the tropical flavor was instilled in me from day one.
It means everything to me that I'm able to create colorful, beachy glassware and jewelry that represents that love and passion.  I feel like I'm doing what I was meant to do, being able to share that laid back, beachy style with others. That's a great feeling.
It's amusing to think about how this shop actually began for me. I have a book all about homemade Christmas crafts that I've had forever and randomly started looking at it in 2014. There's a page showing hand painted wine glasses that caught my eye. I read the directions and thought, "wow....that seems pretty easy, maybe I'll try it and give them as gifts this year, what the heck." So I went to the craft store, bought some glass paint, brushes and plain glasses and started painting. I spent hours looking online for how-to ideas for basic designs. I kept thinking, "wow that looks pretty easy, I could do that" and it went from there.
I didn't think I was very artistic but what I knew I was good at was picking nice,  tropical color combinations. I know what I like and what makes my heart smile and that is anything tropical, anything beach related, shells, starfish, and of course, the color blue!
My Christmas gifts that year were a big hit but really, they were just the beginning.  As I've painted more and more, and shared them, my tropical passion keeps evolving.

Summers in Maine are never long enough but even the off-season is full of peace and quiet. Just sitting on the porch, in the rocking chairs, listening to the sound of the ocean, with the love of my life by my side, is all I really need. That and frequent vacations to the tropics!!!!